Two-wheeled walker with seat


The elderly and people with disabilities can use the folding wheeled walker with a seat at home or outside the home to maintain balance, move and walk and do their daily tasks without the help of others.


In order to perform their daily tasks, the elderly need help from others or the use of special rehabilitation tools to help them in doing their daily tasks. Two-wheeled walkers with seat can be mentioned among the mobility rehabilitation aids. This walker has 2 wheels in the front, which helps the elderly or a person with disabilities to move independently and do their daily tasks. This two-wheeled walker is controlled by its 2 rear legs, which acts as a brake and prevents the walker from moving. The two-wheeled walker with a seat is suitable for use by the elderly who have the ability to walk and maintain their balance to some extent, and their hands also have the ability to restrain and control the walker. The two-wheeled walker with a seat has a sitting chair of a suitable size, so that dear elderly people can sit on the walker seat and rest and relieve their fatigue if they get tired while walking. . The weight that can be supported by the walker seat is 110 kg.


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