Drop-Down Grab Bar



This coated steel frame provides stable and easy to grip support at the side of toilets, your bath or bed and can help you safely lower yourself down or stand up without straining. Provides support at the side of the toilet, folds away vertically when not in use.

Available in two sizes of Ø250mm with 640mm length for lighter weights less than 85kg and Ø320mm with 740mm length for weights above 85kg.

Here is some information about the products:

  • Uniform non-porous electrostatic painted surface for easy maintenance and hygiene.
  • Easy access to toilet rolls for people with limited movement.
  • Recommended for the toilets with no accessed near wall next to them.
  • Suitable for intensive use in public places or the healthcare sector.
  • Supplied with stainless steel screws for concrete walls.
  • Secured to wall on a 6-hole 4 mm thickness steel plate.


*These products are not suitable for wet environment, what we recommend for areas in contact with water is stainless steel grab bars.


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